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  1. Hiya my friends, just a little question... I'm getting crazy with a big .TS file I'v recorded from a Sattelite provider... The video is MPEG-2 TS 1920x1080 25fps , with 6 channel AC3 audio, all mixed in just one 6 GB .TS file

    I want to use Sony DVD Architech or something similar, but I having some problems (I posted it into Blu-ray authoring forum). But what i want to know is what kind of file have i to had in order to create a blu-ray without converting, compressing, etc. in the authoring software.

    has it to be: h.264 Tansport Stream .TS OR mpeg2 Transport Stream .TS OR mpeg2 M2TS .m2ts ? Thnx in advance!

    BTW: i would like to use PS3 as blu-ray player!

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