I'm trying to output a Blu-ray from a 1920x1080 25fps AVHDC 5gb aprox. video file, and even checking change to 25 fps as i've read somewhere, i'm getting an audio delay for the file i got into BDMV\STREAM as "00000"

What i can see in the converting message windows is:

"SmartLabs tsMuxeR. Version 1.10.6 http://www.smlabs.net
Decoding H264 stream (track 1): Profile: Main@4.0 Resolution: 1920:1080i Frame rate: 25
H.264 stream does not contain fps field. Muxing fps=25
Decoding AC3 stream (track 2): Bitrate: 384Kbps Sample Rate: 48KHz Channels: 6
B-pyramid level 1 detected. Shift DTS to 2 frames
Processed 3013 video frames"

could n1here help me? thnx in advance! cheers!