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  1. Hi,

    I'm using multiAVCHD version 770. I want to create a chapter menu without thumbnails at all. It means that the menu contains only chapter name. How can I do this with the new version 770.

    Besides I have a problem like some guys in this forum but it seems to have no solution. I'm using Dune Base 3.0. My movie contains 30 chapters which are spread into 3 pages. Each page has 12 chapters.
    Page 1: Chapter 1 ->12
    Page 2: Chapter 13->24
    However when I clicked to chapter 13's thumbnail of page 2, it jumped to chapter 1. Chapter 14's thumbnail will make it to chapter 2.
    Of course I linked (so many times) between chapters and thumbnails correctly.

    I would very appreciate if you can help me those 2 questions.

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    version 770?
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    My problem is kinda related, how do i get something to appear in the thumbnails? i only have big black boxes and my thumbnails and no pictures?


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