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  1. Gentlemen
    Greetings to you all
    This is the first request of me in your forum beautiful
    The video image Low quality
    And I have two programs are
    Video Enhancer
    Reid and increase the brightness of the picture one of the two programs Hmain
    There are filters to them
    What are the filters that are used to increase the clarity of the image in the video
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  2. Mod Neophyte Super Moderator redwudz's Avatar
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    A few I use most often with VirtualDub are 'Levels', 'ColorMill 2.1', 'Gradation Curves'. The first one is part of VD. The other two you can get at: Gradation Curves is good for brightness/contrast. Color Mill is a combination of quite a few filters for color correction, etc.

    And welcome to our forums.
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  3. thinksssss
    very thinks
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