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    Hi all .. Well I recently got a Sony VAIO with a bluray burner and I'm trying to backup a few of my own bluray movies and had a few questions ..

    I've figured out that you need to have AnyDVD HD running in the background and then to make an image, you right-click the AnyDVD system tray icon and select 'Rip to Image' ...

    However I want to know, how do I ensure that AnyDVD removes any region protection info from my bluray when it creates the backup ? I have a copy of The Hurt Locker (which is Region A), so how can I ensure that the ISO backup I make is region free (or doesnt have any region protection) ?

    Secondly, I tried to see the details of my copy of The Hurt Locker under BDInfo v0.5.6 and did the 'Rescan' thing, and this is the summary that I saw:

    Detected BDMV Folder: E:\BDMV (HURT_LOCKER_NA)
    Detected Features: BD-Java
    Disc Size: 44,543,540,610 bytes
    (*) Some playlists on this disc have hidden tracks. These tracks are marked with an asterisk.
    Firstly, the Disc Size I'm getting here is NOT the disc size which is reported for the US version of The Hurt Locker on the AVS forums (44,543,596,980). Does this necessarily mean my copy is not the US version ? However do note that the playlist size of the main movie matches with that reported on the AVS forums (37,716,185,088 ) ..

    Also, what does the phrase 'Some playlists on this disc have hidden tracks. These tracks are marked with an asterisk' necessarily mean ? Is this what is causing a difference disc size to be seen by me ? Also, would AnyDVD also backup such things through its 'Rip to Image' option ? .. Note that I didn't actually see anything marked with an asterisk in the lists shown in BDInfo ...

    Also, I just tried the above BDInfo procedure with my copy of Angels & Demons and although it did again say 'Some playlists on this disc have hidden tracks. These tracks are marked with an asterisk', this time I actually did see some stuff marked with an asterisk, and for this movie, the disc size WAS the same as that reported on the forums here ...

    EDIT: Attaching the AnyDVD logfile for The Hurt Locker ...
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