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  1. Hi everyone!

    I would like to ask how I can encode a video using VFR and the output is something.mp4
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  2. Mux in your timecodes & CFR video with tc2mp4, then use mp4box to add in audio
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  3. What I understand is:
    - encoding my episodes as usual (if I have a CFR, output will be CFR)
    - what timecodes I will use, from original episode or the episode I encoded?

    How can I use tc2mp4?
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  4. Get timecodes from your original VFR source
    (timecodes from a CFR encoded episode not useful, because they are CFR timecodes)

    tc2mp4 has instructions included

    x264.exe accepts and can export VFR directly as well now
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  5. Ok, thank you very much
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