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    I am tring to find an dvd/audio system that can output 2 audio languages at the same time. My wife would like for us to watch some movies with her parents who only understand Italian. I dont like to watched dubbed movies, the voices are always so diffrent and dont sync most of the time. I would like to be able to use headphones that with a selector you can select the language you want from the dvd player something like output 1 and output 2. My question is does this system already exist? If so, what is the brand/model or is there pc software that can do this? Thank you in advanced

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    There really doesn't exist the type of system you're looking for in a prepackaged form (at least YET, some things like this are in the works).

    What you could do though is:
    1. Use a software DVD player on a PC
    2. Use a PC that has surround outputs (many have outputs for Front L+R, Rear L+R, C+Sub on headphone jacks)
    3. Using a multichannel audio editor (like wavosaur), take your English track and put it on the Front channels, and your Italian track and put it on the rear channels and save as a multichannel file (WAV, AC3)
    4. Remux/reauthor this track into a new/revised DVD title.
    5. Plug the English listeners into the Front-channels' jack and the Italian listeners into the Back-c hannels' jack (using Y-cables if you need multiple headphones)

    A similar thing could be done by putting the EN track on the left and the IT track on the right and just position speakers close to the separate listeners.

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