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    Hey videohelp!

    I really need help. Two months ago i was able to easily extract bitmaps from an .avi file with hardcoded subtitles, but today when i tried again, it did not work. I must be doing something wrong or i got my avisubdetector settings mixed up.

    I know that there was one thread already opened on this subject, but i just cannot find it anywhere.

    Hope someone with experience will help me.

    Thanks so much.
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  2. Hi damien666

    I'm searching the web looking for a good program that could do a good job ripping hard subtitles.

    The programs I know are:
    1 - Avisubdetector
    2 - VideoSubFinder
    3 - SubLogExtractor (VDub plugin)
    4 - PodPis (VDub plugin)

    I found this thread and this old one about Avisubdetector. They both were started by its author, Shalcker.

    Avisubdetector is very complex and claims a hard study to understand it in full. Also, it sometimes giving division by zero and access violation errors... A test of patient.

    I'm working with a nice piece of code called VideoSubFinder. Unfortunately, I couldn't find good documentation about it on the web.

    Some settings are written in russian and it's hard to understand all of them. I'd like to start some discussion about this program and to learn more about it. To call the users to exchange experiences, etc. VideoHelp and Doom9 are nice places to do this.

    Actually, there are few tools to rip hard subtitles around. VideoSubFinder and Avisubdetector are doing a great job, but we must to know how to use it in full. I also am available to translate its settings to english, portuguese, and more, I'm available to make a guide to other users.

    I'm tired to get frustrated with SubRip to rip hard subs. Virtualdub plugins like PodPis and SubLog Extractor are also weak to detect correctly. Always giving Access Violation error and crashing VD.

    So, I'm trying to raise some kind of discussion here to exchange ideas about the best one and what are the right settings for each of them.
    Thank you.
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