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    Ok heres the deal. I have a bluray 3d disc that I ripped with anydvdhd, used dvdfab bluray 3d ripper to convert to 1280x720 with ac3 5.1 (from the dts-hd master audio track) (in a mkv container using the side by side format). The video looks great when playing with stereoscopic player in anaglyph 3d.

    HOWEVER the audio is ahead by about 2 seconds. I used mkvtoolnix (can't remember which sub program) and got a difference of 1921 between the audio and the video. Is the timecode from mkvtooknix already in milliseconds? do I need to convert this difference somehow?

    I have used avidemux several times trying to add or subtract 2 seconds (really the 1921 differnce). I have taken the original mkv output from dvdfab bluray3d ripper and done the + and - correction and neither play in stereoscopic player. I have demuxed the original file into a .h264 and .ac3 file. I have used avidemux to apply a + and - (separate times of course) and can play that output using copy and outputting to .mkv. But the audio synch issue is still there.

    I have tried using delay cut but I really don't understand that program. I tried doing cut and delay. I can get a full length useable ac3 file to mux with afterwards but I don't know what i"m doing.

    I do have audacity but I still can't get it running again on my vista 32 bit pc.

    What program would be best to try to insert or remove about 2 seconds of silence in the ac3 track?

    Would I be better off going back to the bluray disc and re-rip the dts-ma track and reconverting with the original source? Would it be better to use eac3to to convert to ac3 and mux that with the side-by-side h264 video?

    As you can see I have done some research and testing to correct this. But I am at a loss right now.

    Thanks for your advice.

    edit - I am trying the old classic besweet (besweet gui to be precise). I am using the 1921 delay and then I'll mux the corrected ac3 and see how that works.

    edit 2 - I didn't get a good result. I am reripping the disc and will extract the original dts ma file.

    I'll try just muxing the original untouched file and see if I can play it that way without altering the audio. If that works future conversions with bluray 3d ripper will be with the audio copy mode instead of donwconverting to 448kpbs ac3 5.1.

    edit 3 - Ok I FINALLY got it working in synch now.

    I reripped the disc. I used streamextractor from the eac3to toolset. I was able to get the original dts ma audio file. With that I used mmg in mkvtoolnix to mux that with the original .h264 video that has the side-by-side video that I want to preserve.

    It WORKED! I was able to get a fully synched sbs mkv file with dts hd ma audio. It works beautifully in stereoscopic player.

    The long and short of it is from now on I'll simply use audiocopy in bluray 3d ripper and forget this nutty stuff.
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