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  1. Where can I get this writer from bearing in mind I live in the UK?

    All the sites I have seen are from the states and they are alot cheaper than here.

    Is it possible to buy one of these from a US site that will work in a UK machine?

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  2. I have a DVR-104 Got it from

    the drives have no region set on them and you can change it 5 times. you just plug it into you Ide port and away you go

    Watch out you might get hit for import tax and vat import tax is about 2.5% I think
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  3. You can buy it from ebuyer or Refresh Computers Ltd

    Ebuyer provides it bundled with Nero whereas Refresh only provide a bare drive.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. Thanks. Cheapest I have seen yet in the uk.

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  5. You might want to check with I just purchased my DVR-104 from there and it was $355. I've been ordering things from them for years back when they specialized in SCSI devices. I've always received GREAT customer service and fast shipping.
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