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  1. Mov format from camera. Avidemux 2.5. Video>copy. Audio>convert>aac.
    When I save the file, about 1 second or 2 in, the audio goes silent for a sec, then comes back, throwing the audio totaly out of sync. It does not "drift" at all, it is for some reason inserting silence once at the begining for every file I have tried. When I tried video copy> MKV format and pcm audio the resulting file was fine. Does anyone have some insight on this? I searhced the forum and found little except for out of sync from vob sources or drifting out of sync. I know my mov sources are god because if I output MKV or use avisynth directshowsource and save ave in vdub it is perfect.
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    Try another converter like xmedia recode(ffmpeg frontend), under video choose copy, under audio choose aac. Add job and convert.

    If that also fails then try demux the audio(avidemux audio->pcm audio and then audio->demux) and convert it separate with Lamexp. Add it to the mp4 with mybox4boxgui.
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  3. Thanks for the tip, I'll give that a try. What I have been doing is demuxing the audio with avidemux and of course that leads to many other unwanted steps and wasted time. Wish me luck!

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