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  1. Hey there guys,

    I was dying to get a new motionflow TV then I Followed the directions at this link to it on my PC instead :

    I am prety sure I followed it exactly. I got the video to come in crystal clear and I with statistics I can see FPS is at 48fps. It looks fantastic but it goes in double speed and it doesnt play any audio.

    I tried this with an AVI and with the MKV file and same thing. I rechecked my work and I swear I followed it.

    Can anyone help me figure this out?

    I have a Good computer and should run this fine, i am not a big tech buff but I know its a Quad Core processor and I bought a new video card for $150 with 1gb ram on it. 4gb of high speed ram.

    Thanks so much!
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  2. Change the framerate to 24fps? You can do that in VDub for the AVI without reencoding. I don't know about the MKV. You can add:


    at the bottom of the script to reencode it at half the speed.
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  3. He's not reencoding though. He's using AviSynth in a media player to create motion interpolated frames in real time.
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  4. Oh, I guess you're right. Thanks. So, can't he add the AssumeFPS(24) to the script he uses for playback? It'd be easy enough to see if it does what he wants.
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    ndawg101, please post here the exact script you use in ffdshow's Avisynth settings.
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