I'm not necessarily a new to video but my understanding for what makes a better video camera and accessories is quite amateur. I am new to this site and am ULTRA bad at researching equipment since I am not too wealthy for experimentation. Each purchase is made with considerable effort. I also have two questions.

Which brings me to my dilemma. I am trying to purchase a camera that I can mount to the inside or outside of a vehicle and use it for racing in all weather conditions. I need full HD. I edit frequently on a PC and use Premiere Pro and After Effects. MTS files I wish to stay away from. Mp4 is acceptable but I also would like to avoid if possible. Sometimes After Effects reads Mp4's as audio rather than video and not sure how to fix that.

Here is my check list:
Camera must record in full 1080 at a minimum of 30 but would like 60fps at 1080 if possible.
Camera must be able to function in low light ability.
Camera must be able to reduce vibrations you get from engine, ground travel, etc. when mounted.
Must be mountable to external car or come with accessories to mount to pannels, roll cage, etc.
Camera doesn't need an on board mic but I would like it to have options for me to hook up an external if it doesn't (please reference a good mic combo with this).
Needs to be able to record up to 2 hours with HD and have the possibility to upgrade to more hours later on. I prefer to avoid SD cards but am willing to work with them for the right camera.
Easy to charge and long lasting battery or have the option to mount camera to external battery (please reference me to one you know works).
Water housing is necessary as I drive in rainy weather frequently.
Doesn't have to but would be nice to have multiple lens use (wide, normal, tele, etc.)

I have been looking at the Contour HD and the GoPro HD Motorsport Hero but can't determine if they record the quality I need as some videos look good, others look down right terrible. A few other cameras I have found are just out of my price range. I would like to avoid spending more than $1000 for this system and all of its accessories.

The second part of this is pretty simple. I have an HDR-XR250V and need to know if I should buy a wide and telescopic lens for it. Is it worth it? The example pictures on SONY.com are great but I question the legitimacy. I also have an issue with the manual focus since it is so small and doesn't really properly focus all the time. Seems finicky. Is there a good optional accessory I can use for a bigger wheel or digital controls to control the focus? I also need a good dash/chair mount that this camera can attach to inside the car. For example, watching from the passenger seat at the road. And lastly, what is a good microphone to use for this camera? I would must have one that pics up excellent audio at all levels. Exhaust and engine noise to interview conversations. I don't mind buying an XLR adaptor but let me know a good one to buy since the few I found have so many different options that I am not sure what I am really needing. Just want to be able to control the gain and peeks of the audio to avoid clipping and blur.

Let me know if I am forgetting things or if you have questions. I am using these cameras for rally events, interviews, and b-roll footage. The camera will be thrashed around quite a bit and the mount needs to be absolutely secure.