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    My new camcorder can record either 1080i 60 fields/sec vs 1080p 30 frames/sec. What are the advantages/disadvantages of recording 1080i 60 fields/sec vs 1080p 30 frames/sec?
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  2. 1080i smoother motion. 1080p free from interlace artifacts.
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  3. 1080i can exchange resolution with smooth motion - 1080p is always fixed - for static scenes 1080i should be quite similar to 1080p, for dynamic scene 1080i will give smoother motion at a cost of vertical resolution however human eye is less sensitive for details in moving scenes - 1080i seems to be better suited to human eye characteristic. If You can go for 1080p60 if not - tough choice - result will be highly related to scene.
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  4. Originally Posted by pandy View Post
    go for 1080p60
    That would be the best in a technical sense. But playback can be a problem. It's not Blu-ray player compatible. Even many computers can't keep up.
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  5. but i can be converted in quite simple way to 1080i30 or 720p60 or 1080p30 for example - source is most important part and support for 1080p60 slowly improving.
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