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  1. In Vegas video, it seems that it doesn't want to recognize my H.264 divx-4 project files anymore after installing and uninstalling a codec pack. But in VirtualdubMod, I'm able to insert and edit those files just fine... what's going on here and how do I fix it?

    Why is the H.264 decoder working in one editing program and not another?

    Unfortunately, I installed and uninstalled individual codecs and codec packs... and things are all screwed up now. I just want to edit/render/view my videos again with all the divx/xvid/mpeg/misc codecs I had on my old computer. If I reinstall Windows 7 in order to fix this, what's the correct order one should install individual codecs? I really rather not have to go and reinstall my entire OS just to fix this problem, so if anyone has a solution for that to, or a program that can clean all that out automatically, that would be a huge help too. I was told AnalogX was good at removing codecs, but it didn't seem to be deleting anything.
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  2. You could install win7codecs by shark007 which won't break microsoft native support so no more damage and it will remove all codecs installed by the other packs, There's 64bit components for x64 bit OS If you uninstall it do so from the help tab to remove it completely.

    Vegas for me opens xvid, and divx in avi, h.264 in.mp4 opens but it wont open mkv as it doesn't have support for it.

    these are the versions that work for me without a hiccup you might have to change a few defaults.
    win7codecs gets installed before x64 you you uninstall x64 before win7codes using the help tab uninstall.
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  3. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Added a mirror to sharks win7codecs,
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  4. That's actually the codec pack that I've got on at the moment, and it still has that problem. It doesn't give me all the different rendering options I used to have, like rendering in divx or xvid. I even have divx Plus installed and registered, and it still doesn't show up.

    Funny thing is, after creating all these codec issues and then going back into Vegas, it didn't say that the format wasn't capable of being shown... it just says that the file is missing. But only when I redirect them back to the file source, it tells me "An error occurred while opening a codec". Is hope not lost for me to fix this somehow? I really rather not reinstall the OS.

    Can I still install encoders for divx/xvid/mpeg though? I mean.. would it conflict with the Win7codecs?

    What did you mean by "win7codecs gets installed before x64 you you uninstall x64 before win7codes using the help tab uninstall."?

    Also... I'm not sure if the other packs I used are completely gone... I went into regedit and looked for both the Klite pack and before re-installing divx, I deleted those folders in the H-Keys. Not sure if that helped or not though.
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  5. Win7codecs works for 32bit vegas and x64codecs works for 64bit vegas. Xvid works for me in vegas but x264vfw doesn't so maybe i'll look around for a solution here's a few screenies for xvid processing:

    I did exclude audio processing because it might make the xvid codec work ?? but you can do that after encoding using the buit in mp3 encoder then mux.

    x264vfw works in vdubmod for me so you could use debugmode frameserver to get it into vdub for processing.
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  6. Well it looks like I can render other things when I go to save as (don't know why I forgot about that I'm used to using ffdshow in avi, but that option isn't there) , but under avi... my options are way too limited, unlike my setup on my older laptop with vegas. I don't even see the Xvid Mpeg 4 under avi video format settings... though mainconcept has an mp4 "save as" function.

    But the real problem here is not being able to get my H264 and opendivx, DX50, and v4video video project files to show up in Vegas without that error.
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  7. So I get plain .divx to open up but when 1or2 wont I remux using vdub or avidemux then they open as for h.264 mkvs the only way i've found are opening mp4's instead of mkv so you have to remux then open it, Cut a sample 10mb or so using vdub then post here.
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  8. A sample of what though? Well here's a sample of the file format I'm trying to working again in Vegas, if that's what you mean. But it's not the only format that's having problems.

    Also, FFDSHOW only shows up in Vdub, but not Vegas.

    Edit: Ah, I fixed it! What I did was uninstall all codecs, went into CCleaner64 and fixed registry files and uninstalled the codecs from there. Then I went and re-downloaded Win7Codec Pack v279, along with x64Components_v283. Installed these and my files can be seen again in Vegas!
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  9. Nice to know you got it working, for me the sample worked straight away.

    Just a reminder if you install both packs from shark win7codecs must be installed first then x64components and when you want to uninstall or update you have to uninstall from the help tab and not from add or remove programs that way it unregisters and removes the files properly and the uninstall order is remove x64components first then win7codecs.
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  10. Oops... looks like there's another problem. I can render in Vegas a H264 file, but now in Vegas I can't... even though I can now see H264 in Vegas. Anyone have any idea why that would happen?
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  11. Do you mean you can't configure the codec and it says no compatible codec found that happened to me but when I uninstalled x64componenets and win7codecs then reinstalled win7codecs 2.7.8 (previous version) and the newest x64 components it was fixed.
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  12. It shows up in Vegas as something I can render with. But when I try to render with it, it gives me an error.
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  13. That's the problem I had untill I uninstalled x64components first thyen win7codecs, rebooted and installed these versions win7codecs 2.7.8 and x64 components 2.8.3 so changing the x64 version might have been the reason it worked for me since I use the 64bit sony vegas. If you use 32bit unistall both packs from the help tab (always 64bit first the n win7codecs > opposite for installing) the change win7codecs version there's a new one out now and for 64bit vegas change the x64 components version. Which version do you use?
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  14. Right now I'm using

    Ok I'll do that, but what do you mean by "(always 64bit first the n win7codecs > opposite for installing)"?
    Is there a specific way I'm supposed to uninstall?
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  15. Yes you have to always install win7codecs (32bit) before x64components (64bit) and uninstall x64components first then uninstall win7codecs and you have to uninstall from the settings help tab.

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  16. Ok, but I keep getting redirected to Win7codecs 2.8.0 or Win7codecs_v279 whenever I'm searching for 2.7.8.
    Do I need this version, or can I use the newer version with these new components?

    Edit: Nevermind, I found it. It works now! Thanks!
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  17. No problems.
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  18. Awww crap... now I can't view any of the videos I rendered with that codec...
    Edit: nm... I rendered it in the wrong format, that's why. It generated a 44gb unplayable file, lol.
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  19. lol, do you mean av,i you should be able to view h.264 in that container even though it's not the best compatibility wise I usually remux into mkv with mkvtoolnix or mp4 using mp4boxgui an easier way for this to be done with one tool is avidemux open set copy to video and audio then change container give the file a name like output.mkv then enjoy.

    Also before I got it working I used debugmode framserver and this guide for 64bit: [Guide] Using DMFS on Windows7 64bit (with Sony Vegas Pro 10 64bit) which let's you edit in Sony Vegas and use vdub, megui etc to encode.
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