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  1. Hiya

    I have Studio 14 HD and a new Panasonic SD60 Camcorder

    Pinnacle can see my files and imports them, but when I drag them to the timeline nothing happens. They also won't play either within Pinnacle

    I downloaded Vegas 10 Pro Trial and they work perfectly in there so I assume I don't have a codec issue.

    Now do I need to convert or am I doing something wrong ?

    If I do need to convert, what do I use and to what file type ?

    Many thanks

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  2. Thx, but do what with it ?
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  3. To remux your videos from one container to another. One of the output choices (TS, M2TS, Blu-ray, AVCHD) may work with Pinnacle Studio. You may also need an h.264 decoder. You can use ffdshow for that.
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  4. Thx very much, I will give that a go and see how it pans out


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  5. Tried it and it doesnt work

    Am I right in saying that there is only 4 options to choose from within tsmuxer ?
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  6. Yes, four containers. You can also export elementary streams but Pinnacle isn't likely to be able to read those. Regarding codecs, Vegas may have its own private h.264 decoder. Pinnacle may be looking for a system installed VFW or DirectShow decoder. Have you tried ffdshow?
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  7. Yeah, tried FFD and K-Lite and they dont get it goign either

    I am wondering if I have a bad install but saying that it does work with other file types

    Bit of a loss really !!
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  8. Did you activate it? Their website says AVCHD is supported but * Requires free product activation via the Internet.

    Vegas has it's own internal decoder for AVCHD; - most NLE's don't use system installed codecs, except for some AVI container formats

    You could also ask at their forum , it's got a bad reputation around here as junk software
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