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  1. Hi,

    I am fairly new to VOB2MPG, but have been happily extracting MPGs from VOB sets already stored on my PC. Everything was going fine until Futurama Season 3 (from the UK DVD release). There are 3 language tacks (English being default) plus an English commentary track. If I select the foreign langauge tracks it converts as you'd expect, but if I select either English track then the commentary always ends up in the extracted MPG. I can't see what I'm doing wrong. Anyone any ideas please?

    DVD plays fine on the PC (with English language track being the default).

    Mark W.
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  2. Use DVD Shrink (freeware) to create a new VOB set with only the audio tracks and subtitles you want.
    I'd be happy to email you with Shrink as attatchment.
    I'm at, you know <G>
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  3. Well that certainly works (thanks for the tip). Is this an aknowledged bug then?

    Mark W.
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  4. I had the same issue.

    The solution for me was to select the actual audio I wanted rather than leaving it on the default, even though the default value was the one I wanted! Maybe there is a bug if you leave it on the default setting where it doesn't actually use the one shown.


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  5. Indeed. I had force AC3 set, and it was forcing it to the wrong audio stream (e.g. French, when I'm set to English and English is the first stream anyway). Manually selecting works, so looks like a bug.
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    I have the Pro version and I also am not getting the correct audio stream. If the audio I require is not the default stream on some DVDs eg. I have the DVD Total Recall and the default language is French. It will always create the mpg file in french no matter which language I pick.
    The only trick I have found is de-selecting the very first chapter, it will then get the audio stream correct but this has lead to some other issues when using virtual dub to re-encode and compress.
    I would really like this fixed seeing I paid for this software!
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  7. DVDShrink usually works... but I just had a case where empty audio frames at beginning still caused issues. Then I noticed a feature of DVDShrink I've never seen before... in reauthor mode you can set the start and end frames. That worked (to skip past the empty audio content).
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