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  1. Trying to play this mkv on my samsung tv through usb. this is such a sweet technology. i used mediainfo on an mkv that plays and the ones that don't. the ones that work have a level of 4.1 and reference frames at 4 the ones that don't have 5.1 and reference frame at 8. everything else is the same. so this tells me i should change to 4.1 and 4 frames. sounds easy enough but hasnt worked yet. tried the demuxing/remux thing but those didn't work. i could have just been doing something wrong. then i got xmedia recode which gave me the option to change the level and reference frame. ran it and it played on the tv, but the file was 255mb instead of 2gb. im running it again cause i noticed there is a samsung profile to load. hopefully that works but if theres a better solution out there i'd love to hear about it.
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    Adjust the bitrate if you want it bigger=better quality.
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  3. the bitrate of files that work is 10.9 mbps. just wondering if you know whether bitrate in xmedia in represented in kb or bytes? you can change it up to 50000 so i assume its talking about kbs.
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