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  1. I have a Sony Bloggie MSH-PM5 and I want to imprint the date and time stamp on the video. The videos are .mp4 files. The Sony Bloggie has an internal date & clock time how ever it doesn't have the feature to date time stamp on the video.
    I want to pay a programmer to hack my Sony Bloggie and to imprint the date and time on the video. Basically create a firmware update for the Sony Bloggie to include date and time stamp on the video. I will pay someone to do this. I can also send them the Sony Bloggie camcorder so they can hack it.

    1. Have you contacted sony support? Yes i have contacted sony support and they say the date and time stamp is only used for saving the file name. It doesn't over lay the data code on the video. There is no new firmware updates.

    2. Why don't u just get another camcorder that has date and time stamp feature? I like the sony bloggie because you can record yourself by rotating the lens back it then displays yourself on the LCD screen video. I also like it because it is small and easy to carry in your pocket. I have reviewed all the pocket camcorders and none of them have the feature to imprint overlay the date and time stamp on the video permanently.

    3. Have you tried any video software editing tools? I have tried Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio, Ulead & Corel, Magix Studio, Vdts, etc and none of the videos can extract the date & time from the mp4 files.

    4. It might be hard to hack the sony bloggie? I have a cheap dvr spy pen and dvr sunglasses and they both have date and time stamp imprinted on the video. If a cheap video camera from china can have the date time feature why not add this feature to a sony bloggie.

    5. Wanted: I'm looking for programmers and hackers that can hack my Sony Bloggie MSH-PM5 to add date and time stamp on the video. If you have the hacking and programming tools to do this please email me asap and I will pay you. First person to email me will get the job. If anyone else have a better idea please reply to the post?

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    why don't you just put your own timestamp on the video?
    that will be $10,000
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  3. i can manually put a subtitle for the date on all the frame, but how do u add the original time (hour,minutes) to the video without a subtitle file from the mp4? the bad thing about the camcorder is sony forgot to add date and time stamp feature.

    if u can suggest any digital camcorders that has the feature of imprinting the date and time stamp on the video i may go with that route. dvd and hard disk camcorder records the video as mpeg2. when u use usb to transfer it to the computer the date and time stamp is hidden and there is no editing software that can display the date and time stamp from mpeg2. why not use an a/v rca cable and capture the analog video with date time? it would take 2hours to playback and capture the dvd through analog versus using a usb import only takes less than 15 minutes.

    why not use dv or minidv? I don't want to use cassett tapes because they take too long to transfer and the tapes deteriorate over time.

    have u a tried a SD flash camcorder? i tried Flip, Creative, Vado, Vivitar, Kodak, Samsung, Sony and all them record .mp4 without any date time stamp. i haven't found a pocket camcorder that displays the date and time stamp on the video yet. they only use the date time for naming the files.

    if anyone else have a better ideas, please recommend?
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    Might try Visual AVCHD Time Stamp from the same author of Vdts (which is only for DV.)
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