Hi everyone, I am a super noob with streaming and would appreciate your expert and seasoned advice. I want to stream 2 or 3 cameras to a service like UStream or Livestream with a Mac. I don't know what all I need software/hardware wise.

I have read that BoinxTV is the software solution to mix the video together and get it onto say Livestream. Is that correct?

Now my real dilema. What do I need in order to get the cameras connected to the computer? I talked to a gal at BHPhotoVideo and she scared me to the point of resignation when she said I needed this: Panasonic AG-HMX100 Tell me this is not true, please.

I have not bought anything so everything you suggest is awesome.

On the camera side I was thinking about the new Canon XA10, what do you think? Is there better, awesomer stuff for $2k and what?

I think I should mention that I plan on buying a top end MacPro for this setup and would love to keep it as mobile as possible.

I wish I could invite you over for a beer as a thank, hey, if you are in Madrid, Spain, message me and I will invite you for a beer as a thank you.

Thanks for your help.