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  1. Hi There,

    I have a problem with VOB2MPG.
    Works a treat except that for a few of my DVD I get the following error:
    Version: VOB2MPG PRO
    Build: 3.2.2000

    Type: System.OverflowException

    Source: mscorlib

    Message: Value was either too large or too small for a UInt64.


    StackTrace: at System.Convert.ToUInt64(Int32 value)
    at VOB2MPG_PRO.VOBConverter.x25e9ea9186f9d644.xee2eb9 62b9c7ef18(Byte[] x5cafa8d49ea71ea1)
    at VOB2MPG_PRO.VOBConverter.x25e9ea9186f9d644.Write(B yte[] array, Int32 offset, Int32 count)
    at VOB2MPG_PRO.VOBConverter.xa4923bf9ed944f6a.x5efa88 7f424cce7c(x0010d7171147daf4 xb867a42da3ae686d)
    at VOB2MPG_PRO.VOBConverter.xa4923bf9ed944f6a.xf09832 3036d9ec26(String x0fb01370f21139f0)
    at VOB2MPG_PRO.VOBConverter.xa4923bf9ed944f6a.xa0a575 fb460f53aa(String x37a96021dbbe3532, String x0fb01370f21139f0, String xd8195b3904c80823, Boolean xf140bfb3a6ec89d8)

    And the conversion stops.
    Any idea?
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  2. Member ChrissyBoy's Avatar
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    When do you get this? When you first "load" the DVD? If so can you zip up the *.IFO files and attach them here please?
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  3. Hi,
    Sorry about the late response, just came back from trip.

    No, the error happen during the copying process. In the middle of nowhere. The IFO is being read no problem.
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