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  1. Hi,

    I notice on some video titles, there is more than one audio stream marked as 'English', in the same format (dts 5.1).

    Some streams are narration, others directors comment, others the actual actors.

    Unless there is any way to identify the stream desired, you'd only find out after the title has been backed up (after hours of processing) if you'd selected the one you wanted.

    When you've got multiple audio streams all marked in the same way, how do you know which one to use?

    Is there a way to play them in BDRebuilder before you start the encode?

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  2. OK.

    I assume it's not possible to accomplish the above via BDRebuilder.

    What about using other utilities?

    I suppose if every 'English' stream were encoded a different way (DTS HD, DTS5.1, DTS2.0), then you could just open the source media in PowerDVD, and select the different streams until you find the one you want. This wouldn't work for audio stereams with the same encoding though.
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    Well if they have a size indication in the program you'd simply assume the smallest file size is the commentary track. Any larger size would be the main audio track. However unless it says its in a different language you still wouldn't be 100% sure if they have multiple 5.1 or greater audio tracks in multiple languages.
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  4. First English track is almost invariably the one you want. I say "almost" because I don't discount the possibility, but haven't seen any disc that varies from that rule. If you set BDRB to include only one English track, that's the one it will select, without intervention on your part. Also, it's typically DTS-MA or True-HD and bigger than the others. Secondary English tracks will be commentaries encoded in AC3, usually.

    I confess I don't understand your difficulty. Play your rip in PowerDVD or TMT, and select each track and listen to it. They will be listed in the same order.

    However, you may also want to know that on occasion an alternate English *subtitle* track will contain forced subs (i.e. English translation of a foreign language). You can identify and extract them if desired with BDSup2Sub, or simply identify the track that contains them and include it in the re-encode. Subs take very little space anyway.
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