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  1. Hello,

    I am now needing to make a DVD compliant MPEG 2 file using HCenc. The file needs to be 4:3, the source is 16:9 HD. I'm bringing the footage into HC using AVISYNTH and converting to SD there using HD2SD. In HC, I've selected 4:3 panscan and have already setup the framing. But when I export, HC saves it 16:9. It will export 4:3, when choosing just 4:3 but not when choosing 4:3 panscan. Does this function work for you? This video needs to be encoded ASAP; I would appreciate any help. Thanks!
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  2. 4:3 pan and scan is for adding the information that tells a player how to crop a 16:9 video down to 4:3 for output (if the user selects that option on the player). So you are supposed to get a 16:9 video. If you want a 4:3 video you have to crop it down and encode as 4:3.
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  3. Ahh...That makes sense. Thanks!
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