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  1. Was running a VOB2MPG job yesterday when I ran out of disk space on the drive I was saving the mpg to. whoops. VOB2MPG did not like this and locked up hard. I ended up having to kill the process. Ever since then, when I start up, I get the error message:

    Xenocode Virtual Appliance Runtime

    This application has encountered an error: 0xD000011E

    Please contact the publisher of this application for more information.

    and then VOB2MPG does not run. Tried un- & re-install of VOB2MPG. Same error. Did some quick Googling and thought it might have something to do with .net so I un- & re-install it. Same error.

    Any thoughts on what else I could try? Thanks!
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    system restore
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  3. Remove %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Xenocode and restart the program. Worked for me.

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