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  1. I hope someone can help me out. I just reimaged my PC this week. I reinstalled all the same software and drivers on the exact same hardware, running Windows 7 64. Normally I can frame serve AVIs from AVISynth to VDUB and get an input and output preview pane. I could scrub through the video and see the same frame in each pane, like normal.

    After my reimage I can only see one pane and the other is green. If I play the input file the output preview screen is green. If I play the output preview the input screen goes green. When I scrub through the file only the output screen shows the video while the input screen goes green. If I resize the input screen it re-draws. It's a weird screen rendering problem.

    VDUB 1.9.8 and AVISynth 2.5

    Please help!
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  2. Options -> Preferences -> Display -> disable Use DirectX...
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  3. Originally Posted by jagabo View Post
    Options -> Preferences -> Display -> disable Use DirectX...

    Thanks a lot! That worked. That was driving me nuts! I searched the internet all afternoon looking for that.
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  4. That's more of a workaround than a fix. It would be better to figure out why DX wasn't working. Maybe you need to update DirectX, or the drivers for your graphics card.
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  5. Good point, I didn't have DX problem on my last machine image with the same video card. I did reinstall my video driver as a troubleshooting step. I didn't check the vendor for an updated driver yet.
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  6. VirtualDub was running fine on my notebook computer. I connected my notebook to external monitor. Probably due to this reason, it started to show green frames. The problem is solved by:
    1) Launch VirtualDub normally without any file. Do NOT drag-and-drop file into VirtualDub pane. Do NOT double click video file to open in VirtualDub.
    2) Open the video file in VirtualDub by using File --> Open video file (Ctrl+O), choose the video file. Check the option: <Ask for extended options after this dialog> at the bottom.
    4) In the extended options dialog box change <Video Decoder Mode: -1: Auto> to <Video Decoder Mode: 0: Movies Task>

    File opened and shows normal video frames.

    Disabling DirectX and trying many combinations didn't work for me.
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  7. I had green screen issue when open video files in VirtualDub. I uninstall the ffdshow then problem of green screen solved.
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