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  1. Hello,

    I have a JVC Everio GZ-MS120BU. I'm completely new to video, but excited to learn. One thing I've read is to use an external mic instead of the 'onboard' mic. I'll be doing a series of video for promotional reasons (conservation/nature, interviews, guest speakers) and want these vids to look and sound professional. I will be doing some post-production editing. Are there some basic compatibility issues for finding a mic for my JVC in particular? I'm not looking to spend a boat load of money, but want something decent for what I pay. What would some of the things I should look for?

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    After a quick scan of the specs on the JVC website I don't see any mention of a mic input. Are you sure you have one?? For general purposes the Rode Videomic is well thought of, though for sit-down type interviews a clip-on lav would be better. You might need 2 and a small mixer, if you want to mic the interviewer as well as the interviewee.
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