Hi all. What I need help with is basically being able to replace a AUD audio source on a video file with a SBD source.

I filmed 6 rock shows by the same band last december, 4 of them in the SBD cage with SBD audio going to the camera and a seperate audio recorder, and the other 2 I filmed on stage while the seperate recorder captured the SBD audio. I need to be able to take the SBD audio and attach it to the video for those 2 shows.

The software I usually use for realtime playback into my XP machine is Nero 6 to convert to .mpg. I also have Windows Movie Maker installed on that machine, and Cyberlink Power Director 7 on my Win 7 machine.

Is there video editing software that would let me do what i'm wanting to do? And more importantly, how much $$?

I know how to matrix audio sources, so the matching would not be a problem, i'm a big noob when it comes to actual video editing at all.

A big thanks to anyone that can point me where I need to go.