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  1. I have a couple of .avi file movies that have subtitles handled with external subtitle files (each video has a .sub and a .idx file of the same name) and I'm curious if there's a way to convert them into a .m4v file that has the subtitles included in them so that I can enable/disable them as I please. If the subtitles are the sticky issue then I will take ways to do the conversion and hard-code the subs as a backup plan. But i just want to convert the movies from their current setup which requires 3 files into 1 all-inclusive file. the .m4v format is my preferred output because the movies belong in series in which most of the other titles are in that format.

    What are my options?

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    You can always use AVIAddXSubs to create a single .divx file from the AVI and sub/idx set, assuming you're going to play the end result on a computer or a DivX Ultra-capable standalone player. I can't remember if you can normally add .sub/.idx subtitles as a subtitle stream to an AVI, though.

    For M4V (which is really just .mp4), you can always try demuxing the video and audio streams from the AVI, and remux everything into an .mp4, using MP4Box or similar software. (Not that I'm sure you can mux .sub/.idx into MP4, either. You might end up having to convert the .sub/.idx to a different subtitle format.)
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