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    I have a LG RC278 (RC-27 DVD-RW/VCR and have set it Region Free (see and the steps repeated below). ) [The same applies also for the region hack on this model as for the LG RC388: ].

    I want however to to be able to record some selected programs from my State television when I am not in position to watch them as I can do on my LG-278RC VCR but this is apparantly blocked by a copy protection (my connection/subscription is via Internet telecom account and the decoder used is a Sagem ITAD81 HD).

    It would be very good if someone could tell me if I it is possible to unblock the copy protection by changing one of the Options mention and then in given case which and how ?

    -------- LG RC278 (RC-27 DVD-RW/VCR & RC388 (RC-38 Region Hack Info-------------
    1. To start the hack click the ‘Home’ button on the remote
    2. 'Setup’ appears then press ‘Enter’
    3. Press Right cursor key and scroll down to TV Aspect, press right cursor and highlight the 16x9 aspect ratio so it’s ticked on and in orange.
    4. Enter numbers 1 3 9 7 1 3 9
    5. An On-Screen window appears and you have to press Enter to change settings.
    6. NB these are the original setting: -
    7. Option 1:12 Option 2: 25 Option 3: 93 Option 4: 53
    8. Option 5: 20 Option 6: c0 Option 7: f1 Option 8: 50
    9. To change the values of these options press the ‘enter’ button and scroll with arrow keys until you get to the option you want to change. For the region code hack replace the value of option 5 with the value of: ff
    10. Changing this value will set unit to region code 0 which should allow any region to be played on the player.
    11. Press the ‘Enter’ return button to save and ‘Return’ to exit. Reboot the device
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    I don't have an answer, but you could try reading a few service manuals. Hopefully there will be an applicable procedure in one of them.
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  3. Hi everybody.I live in France and I wanted my LG RC 278 dvd recorder to be abble to read dvds (zone 1) sended by a friend living in the USA. I have followed your instructions to hack my dvd recorder and I had no problem to do the operation. But the result is a bit different than what I was waiting. Instead reading dvds encoded zone 2 and zone 1 it only reads dvds encoded 0 (or dvd copies that I always encodes 0). The VHS player reads now all the videotapes in black and white.
    The thin is I have changed the numbers of the options but I did not think about keeping on a paper the original numbers.
    Can anyone help me to get my dvd player back to zone 2 ?
    Thank you.
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