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    resolved - my broswer had too many bad cookies, now removed.

    help! either its opera or google causing this to happen. i always use the google advance page when i'm searching because it has many options, some i use regulary--like 'all these words:' and 'this exact wording' and 'one or more of these words:' and filter out words i don't want, etc. basically the first three boxes i fill out. anyway.

    when i fill in each search criteria, and google brings in the search results, when i move 'back' to the search page the page is wiped clean. i don't get it. this never happend before in opera. i know that htis does in IE and there is no way around that.. and another reason why i don't use IE even under windows 7 on my netbook it does this and still no control to stop it. but this never used to happen in opera. now it is doing it (and i don't know when it started) and i can't seem to stop it.

    is anyone else having this trouble in opera or any other browser ? this is so frustrating to have to retype the same search critera, i may have to find another search site if this is permenant.

    -vhelp 5488
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