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  1. been coming here for years reading through your forums enjoying the quality advice people get so i figured i would ask a question for once.
    I take old computers and merge parts to make extra pc's around the house. usually just storage machines. a friend of mine gave me a old hdd and he told me about some files that where there and no idea on how to open the. They ended with .mpg.txt. ok simple enough just change the extension and they should work. Well this didn't work. ive tried converters ive tried repair software. the files aren't recognized by any program that i have tried. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas on what to do with these. roughly 15 files all name .mpg.txt file extension. im wondering if i have to merge them then recode them or something i dont know.
    Any gurus out there have a idea on what needs to be done here? Our curiosity of what the videos are is gone. its all about figuring out how to open them. personally triumphs i suppose. just not ready to let these files beat us
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    If they really are video files try gspot or avicodec or mediainfo to see if there is a codec inside them.

    Aside from that try converting them with something like format factory or avstodvd.

    I'd try renaming them to .mpg and open them with any of the codec identifers or a convererter program and try that.


    I know you mentioned trying converters but you didn't name what you tried. These I named are pretty robust and can handle a wide range of types of inputs.

    edit - also try playing the original untouched file with either vlc or mpchc - they may work without altering the file name. If not try playing them after copying and renaming them to .mpg.
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    How big are the files--- if they're a few k rather than 10s of MB, they're probaly not video files.

    Open them in a file editor -- maybe even Notepad and look at the head of the file..
    Most files have a "signature", identifying codes, sometimes plain English, in the header that lets you guess what kind of file they are.
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    Files like that are usually viruses.
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