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  1. Once again i require help and guidance please.

    Recently i have downloaded some movie/avi files that in addition to the name of movie .avi file there is a name of movie.idx file and a name of movie.sub file.

    Now I know what to do with the .sub file but what do i do with the .idx file ? What exactly is the .idx file ?
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  2. The IDX/SUB collectively are called VobSubs and you play them along with the video as you do any other subtitle file.
    Now I know what to do with the .sub file
    Are you sure? This SUB file isn't the text-based file you may be used to, but contains images or BMPs direct from the DVD. The IDX can be opened in Notepad (not the SUB file, though), and has the timing information as well as a bunch of other stuff. The two work together to provide the subs for the movie. Most software and many hardware file players can display them. You may have to install DirectVobSub first.

    What's this have to do with ffmpegX?
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  3. film.avi

    That is one complete film with subtitles.
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  4. Once again I posted a terribly worded question/problem.

    With the movie.sub file i follow the ffmpegX manual instructions of HOW TO add subtitles and encode to a movie.avi file , then with the use of TOAST 10 create a TS folder and burn to DVD to play in my TV/DVD player.

    Excuse me for being such a nOOB but

    what do i do with the .idx file or how do i add that file into the encoding process ?
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    Originally Posted by midiw View Post
    What do i do with the .idx file or how do i add that file into the encoding process?
    You add the .idx file as the subtitle file. The .idx file itself points to the associated .sub file, so you don't have to tell ffmpegX about the .sub file.

    Note: this only works for encodings with the 'DVD mpeg2enc' preset and 'Decode with mplayer' activated.
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