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  1. Have a bit of a problem, and need thorough answers if you can.

    1 - I'm re-ripping my Avatar Blu-ray to 1080p via MakeMKV.
    2 - I'll then be using MKVExtract to seperate the video, audio, and subtitles.

    Now at this point I need a SURE FIRE WAY to HARDCODE the Na'vi subtitles to the separated video file. What software do I need to do this?

    3 - After encoding the subtitles permamently to the video file, I'll be remuxing the new video file and audio file back into an MKV.
    4 - And then I'll use rebox.NET to make it playable on my PS3.

    In case anyone was wondering, my question is big and bold lol

  2. Just finished separating everything, and I'm left with the following...

    *) Avatar.mkv (Original Rip)
    1) Avatar_Track1.h264 (Video)
    2) Avatar_Track2.dts (5.1 Audio)
    3) (The Na'vi Language Subtitles)
    4) (English Subs I don't need)

    Does anyone know a way for me to combine either the *.h264 or *.mkv file with the *.srt file, so I can "BURN" in the Na'vi subtitles to video?

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