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  1. I have tried backing up two BR movies now using milOtis's method. ( ) It is simple to follow and have no problems going through the rip and shrink with BD Rebuilder. The only differences I have from the guide is when I do the patch of the index.bdmv file wit AVCHD-patcher 1.06 a box pops up saying error on top, but in box says "the file was patched." Difference is that only the MovieObject.bdmv file is created no new index.bdmv! I go on to burn and notice another difference, I have three folders in my work directory the BDMV & CERTIFICATE folders that are mentioned in the guide, and also a folder labeled "ANY!". I have tried burning the first two folders with Imgburn, just the BMDV folder, and all three folders and all create a disc that will not play on my computer or my BR player. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong. I have windows 7 ad all latest versions of software. Thanks
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    Moving you to our blu-ray ripping and backup section.

    Nope, I have no solution.
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  3. 1) You should not need to use AVCHDPatcher unless you're using a PS3 with certain older firmwares, and a few older standalones. According to the author of BDRB (jdobbs), checking "Strict AVCHD" in Settings accomplishes the same thing as AVCHDPatcher.

    2) You do not need the ANY folder, AnyDVDHD puts it in the rip.

    3) You haven't told us what software player(s) you're using to play your Blu-Ray rips. That makes it hard to offer any useful suggestions.

    4) You haven't told us the model # of the standalone player(s) you have.

    5) What is your target size-- BD 5/9/25? What discs are you using? Are you verifying the discs to make sure you have a good burn?

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but we'd only be guessing without more information.
    Anyway, welcome to the forum.
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  4. Hello, and thanks for the reply. Sorry about lack of info - too new at this.

    Software on computer is just HP media smart - plays original, recognizes copy but just stays on black screen.

    Standalone is Sony is BDP -S570

    Target is BD5 full copy.
    Discs have used memorex -r and verbatim -r
    Only verified burn on one copy.
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  5. Try doing one as main movie only, no menus.

    A friend of mine has a Sony BDP-S470 and it will *not* play full disc BD5 with his present firmware. Perhaps yours is the same.

    Dunno about your software player, but it may have a limitation similar to some versions of PowerDVD, i.e. it may not play Blu-Ray from hard drive.

    So do one movie-only with "Strict AVCHD" checked in Settings. Then confirm the re-encode will play with MPCHC, by going into the STREAM folder and playing the *.m2ts file. If so, burn the BDMV folder to disc with IMGBurn and try it in your Sony. There won't be a CERTIFICATE folder with strict AVCHD.

    Good luck.
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  6. Thanks! Will try today. Would really like to be able to have whole disc copy available eventually, but will take step by step. One question, when I load origianl disc in it has third folder labeled "AACS" which has same files in it that the "any!" folder i referred to earlier. What is this and why is it not needed on backup? Also I opened shrunk file Ii had burned before in media player classic and it played fine. Is it because I replaced index and MovieObject files with avchd patcher that disc in't working, as you said don't need to do this when not playing on ps3?
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  7. AACS means Advanced Access Content System. Disc encryption; ripping removes it. Your backup is necessarily unencrypted.

    I recall some versions of AVCHDPatcher causing problems for some folks, but I confess I don't remember any details. I suggest you find a method that works for you that doesn't require it, if at all possible.

    It's encouraging that MPCHC will play your *.m2ts files. I think it's probably down to the player now. Let's go through the following possibilities one at a time:

    1) AVCHDPatcher perhaps did something your player doesn't like, so let's just remove it from the equation.
    2) Confirm your player will play an unpatched movie-only strict AVCHD.
    3) Try an unpatched full-disc backup. If that fails, as I suspect it may, it's possible a newer firmware will fix that for you. But I wouldn't count on it. You might try a search on "Sony BDP-S570 firmware" and see what info you can come up with. Maybe someone can confirm what the player will and will not play, and if full disc playback can be fixed with a firmware update.

    I'm glad I got two Sony BDP-S360s while they were available, they play full disc no problem.

    Good luck.

    [EDIT] I couldn't find much, but there's this:

    According to one user, your Sony will *not* play full backups on BD9, so it almost certainly won't from BD5. But you'll notice there's a distinction between BD-J (java) menus and non-java menus. It may be that to get full disc backups with BD-J to play, you'll have to do BD25.
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  8. I have tried the movie only mode twice now and both times on the last part (31 of 31) it gives me an encoding failed. I upgraded to version 0.37.05 after the other tries so maybe something has changed. I see in the log after it aborts it says "FFDSHOW VC-1 set incorrectly" so wewnt in and changed that to libavcodec. I also noticed mpeg2 is now libmpeg2, in the older version I had I had also set that to libavcodec as it seems like that was only option other than disabled. Should this be ok at libmpeg2? And do you think I need to change anything other than the VC-1 setting, I am running it again but if it will waste another 4.5 hours if there is something else I need to do, would be appreciated to know. Thanks for all help.
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  9. Go into ffdshow Video Decoder Configuration: Click "Codecs" upper left. On the right panel scroll down to VC-1 Click on the current setting in the decoder column, a drop-down box will appear. Select WMV-9, apply, okay.

    In your BDRB folder, there is a utility called inspect.exe. Run it and it will tell you if everything is configured correctly.

    [EDIT] I went back to version 0.37.04 because on my first try with it, the latest version produced a movie-only backup for me with out-of-sync audio. (For the life of me I can't remember the title at the moment). But that's how it is, BDRB is still beta after all.
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  10. That reminds me, whenever I run the inspect utility it looks ok on everything now after the VC-1 correction you mentioned, but it has always stated the HAALI splitter "Isn't recommended version" I have gone to direct link from jdobbs, and tried several versions and alwasy says this. Do you know fix for this? Thanks.
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  11. Okay, it's probably corrupted. Uninstall it and manually delete the program folder This is important, because if it's stuffed up, an uninstall may leave crap behind in the program folder. Reboot and run a registry cleaner like CCleaner. Then re-install.

    Just to be certain, you need version I tried the link and it's correct. Get it here:
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  12. Success! The movie only copy worked after the VC-1 setting fix. That was even before the HAALI splitter fix, which also worked. I will now try full movie mode after the settings and HAALI fixes and let you know how it goes. Thanks again for all your help. Couple final questions, In the HAALI setup the avi and mpeg ps are unchecked, is this ok? And do I always leave the "Strict AVCHD" checked, or is that just for ld players and PS3's, so I could try it without checking it? And avchd patcher is not needed then right?
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  13. I'd leave haali at defaults and not tinker with it.

    Leave "Strict AVCHD" checked. It will have slightly higher compatibility for future players you may get. Mind you, the strict avchd setting will be over-ridden anyway when you do full disc backups if, say, you start doing full disc backups to BD25 (BD-R discs).

    As to AVCHDPatcher: It was a useful workaround for early players with weak firmware support for AVCHD. Everything was pretty iffy just a couple years ago, and methods constantly change, obviously because available standalones change as well. Some of the early workarounds sound ridiculous, some players choking if you didn't delete the AUXDATA folder, some if you did, some didn't like particular versions of tsMuxer, etc, etc.

    I have another friend with a PS3 with an early firmware. I made an AVCHD for him of an HD capture and found out that only patched discs using v. 1.04 will work on that unit. He doesn't want to fool with the firmware and who can blame him? It does what he wants it to. You need a good reason to update a BD standalone's firmware, because it often happens that capabilities are removed while others are added.

    Which leads me to: I wouldn't bother updating your firmware so long as you have 3D capability. The firmware update last summer included it, and if your player is newer than that, you should be good. It's pretty clear you aren't going to get full disc playback on BD 5/9.

    Personally, I despise menus except for episode discs, and lots of members here agree. It seems beginners want them, dunno why. Extras aren't usually worth more than one look, and forced trailers and warnings are an utter imposition on one's patience. Besides which, they take up valuable space, when you could be devoting more bitrate to the movie itself.

    Nevertheless, there's one more test you could try if you like: Clown_BD BD Copier can strip out main movie while keeping the top menu, BD_Live and other extras being inaccessible. If any type menu would work on BD5 with your player, that might.

    Good luck.
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  14. I couldn't get it to work with making the .iso file. I just used anydvdhd to rip it to the hard drive and then bd-rebuilder to shrink it/Imgburn to burn it.

    Has anyone successfully used DVDFAB to rip it and then used Bd-rebuilder?
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  15. I backed up resedient evil afterlife the other day using dvdfab mainmovie only then shrunk to bd-9 with bdrebuilder to all went fine,
    most players usually have AVCHD logo on there player or at least will say in the manual if you can play it and to what limitations if any.
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  16. I'll give it try, thanks!
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