Hi everyone, long time since posting here!

I am requesting some info and some opinions on looking into a prosumer based camcorder. Most of the posts I have read here so far are more for consumer based use.

I still have the Sony TRV350 camera (I know, very old) which is a D8 camcorder which still serves me well but of course now in the HD realm, the Hi-8 tapes are harder to find and looks like I will have to look into getting an HD based camcorder.

My budget I am setting at around $2000 but can adjust as necessary. I would like to look into a camera that of course records HD though I am not sure if AVCHD would be a good idea, since its still a pain to edit. I have no problem staying with a tape- based system but could go tapeless if the price is right. I have recently upgraded to Premeire Pro CS5 and would like to take advantage of what it can do. I prefer manual control (especially iris control and white balance) for the most part and I think the ports that I would be interested in is that it includes a Firewire port and possibly a LANC jack. I use the LANC jack to connect the zoom controller with.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. I will continue to do some research as I can. Thanks!