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  1. I've got a video of my cousins nephews son in law in a boat, he's lighting a homemade explosive device and it goes off while he's holding it in his mouth with 5 centimeters of fishing line, it's fantastic footage cause I can't stand the guy. It was captured in 15 frames per second, and I need to slow it down so it actually shows his head coming off. I'm hoping to send it to his mom on DVD for Christmas with a note that says "I'm hoping the "Head-a-days don't get you down this year". That last parts not real important. What do you guys suggest I do to capture this moment and in as much resolution as possible? be creative!
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    I will assume you are in NTSC-land, don't ask why.

    Well, if it's 15fps, slowing it down will just add to its jitter. So the effect you wish to achieve will not be as dramatic.

    Do you know AviSynth? Your best bet is to learn how to work MVTools to create such effects, but it's not easy.

    A simplistic procedure, such as, say you want to encode it to DvD to send, is to increase the fps to 29.97, but up to, like, 60fps and back down to 29.97fps again for the vital segments.

    That's just a rough idea. But I think your best friend here would be accompanying audio to add to the theatrics.

    I will look for a 15fps sample and play around, or if you want to upload one (for technical reasons) we'd be glad to help you.
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    Post a MediaInfo of the file, or better yet, some of the footage.
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