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    Hi folks.

    I run a non-profit community film society which pays film distributors for permission to screen their features in public, so that our town can enjoy special engagements of indie and foreign films which would otherwise not play here.

    For years now, I've been sourcing these titles off factory DVDs, sending the video signal to my digital projector at first via analog Video Out, and lately via HDMI Out. The audio is run standard, 2-Channel Analog Stereo out to a PA system via RCA Cables.

    Due to vagaries in how long the video signal takes to be accurately processed by the projector, on virtually every disc I show, the audio winds up being slightly out of sync with the image. Invariably, the video is delayed a split second, and it is noticeable and annoying to the audience.

    I had pretty much solved this problem when I stumbled upon a great little Philips DVD player, the DVP5990, which has a "Lip Sync" feature just for such issues.

    It allows me to delay the audio signal out in 10-Millisecond increments from 10 to 200 Milliseconds.

    Quite often, I have to delay the audio the full 200 milliseconds in order for it to look close to correct.

    My problem is this: most of the film distributors are switching over to Blu-Ray and insisting that I do the same. They don't want to send out standard DVDs anymore. Only Blu-Rays.

    I have read that digital projectors machines often have even greater difficulty when processing Blu-Ray signals, and so I am assuming that whatever Blu-Ray player I purchase needs to offer a "Lip Sync" adjustment feature of AT LEAST 200 Milliseconds.

    So... Try as I might, I cannot find information on this type of feature listed online for any Blu-Ray players!

    I spent 20 minutes on the phone today with a guy from Philips who walked me through their website and explained that while he knows anecdotally that some of the Blu-Ray machines offer that function, it isn't listed in most or all of their User Manuals. ?????

    Sure enough, the User Manual for my current Philips DVD unit does proudly hype the Lip Sync feature, but I can find no mention of it in the spec sheets or instructions for any of their Blu-Ray machines - even the latest ones, which seem to have bells and whistles I have never even heard of before.

    Can anyone out there PLEASE recommend a reliable, high-quality Blu-Ray player with HDMI video out and RCA Analog audio out that offers a feature of this sort that is adjustable to AT LEAST 200 Milliseconds - and ideally longer?

    I have to make the switch in just a week or so, as that's when the next films are being delivered for advertised screenings, and I don't want the audio synching to be an issue then.

    I realize that there are audio receivers out there that offer such a feature, but the PA system I am using belongs to the venue itself, and they do not have the budget to replace it anytime soon. It's basically up to me to find a Blu-Ray machine to buy that will handle this conundrum...

    Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy post. I appreciate any and all comments!

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    make/model of projector?
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    Also check the thread out here for problems people have with lip sync:
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    Isnt that a problem of improper softwares embedded in consumer devices?

    They should obey the HDMI regulations bit by bit.
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    Well, you do understand why you can't find this feature often, right? It's hard to find because in theory there should be no need for it at all in the first place. DVD/BluRay players were designed for homes where there is no need for this feature because there is no delay.
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