Hi Guys,

Hoping someone can help me as I'm pretty much out of options I had a video camera stop recording prematurely in a car - it was actually during a crash so all power cut to the camera. I would presume this means that the video was not closed correctly. I have tried opening it in all the tools on here with no joy, the VLC log reports 'no moov box'.

I have opened the file in a hex editor (although my knowledge of hex is very limited), scrolling down I can see it dives pretty much straight into an area beginning with 'mdat' at around offset 32768. Opening a working mp4 file I can see this area is actually something beginning 'moov lmvhd' (the missing moov box?) with the mdat stuff beginning down at offset 98304 (3x later than the corrupt file).

Searching the forums here, I see reference to talk of cutting/pasting in working headers and suchlike to rescue the file. However, I've never done this and really have no clue how to do it. So, I'm hoping, can anyone here shed any light on the process or is there anyone here I could pay to rescue the file for me (it really is important )?