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    i would like to install win 7 64bit on internal 3tb hd.
    as my sytem is not supporting uefi boot (asus m2nsli deluxe mobo), i would like to devide 3TB hdd to 3 partitions to see all space on hdd:
    1. 100gb system partition
    2. 1300gb data partition
    3. 1300gb data partition

    can i do it like this please? will it work or not? all partitions are less than limit 2tb...will windows 7 will alow me to do it?
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  2. Without UEFI a 3TB drive can't be booted, no matter how you partition it. Check out this article at Anandtech, it's nicely explained on "The 2.19TB Barrier" page. Until UEFI arrives, for about the same money you might be better served with a 2TB drive for DATA and a 120GB SSD for system.
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