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  1. Okay, so I've read through LordSmurf's information about how the "loading" error might as well just say "error," as well as potential causes for it, so I'm hoping to narrow things down a bit further here. NJ is being pummeled by strong winds today, and at one point they may have caused a minor power outage. My DR-DX5 was working just fine last night. Since sometime this afternoon though, it's been flashing the blue LED in the center of the unit and the "loading" message. The unit was off when this began. Below are a list of things that I'm pretty sure aren't the cause of the "loading" error:

    1. Anything pertaining to blank media; outside of the internal 250GB HDD, there's no blank media in the unit, the DVD drive is empty, as is the MiniDV deck.

    2. Capacitors: The unit was purchased in 2007, and I believe the defective capacitors had been dropped by the time the DR-DX5 (A.K.A. DR-DX5S, DR-DX5SUS) had been put into production.

    3. Overheating: My DR-DX5 was off when the problem began, and is as cool as a cucumber; I highly doubt this is temperature related.

    So knowing what I don't think caused the "loading" error, here's what I've narrowed things down to; please feel free to correct me if any of these are wrong/incorrect, or if there may be another cause that I'm missing:

    1. Bad board: I find it odd that the board would just out and out "die" on me, but I might as well mention it since I'm not sure.

    2. Brown-out while the recording timer was set: I had the recording timer set for Noon tomorrow when the "loading" error began; I really need this thing working tomorrow at Noon, so I'm starting to panic now that the "loading" error hasn't stopped.

    3. Bad power source: Again, this one just seems doubtful to me, but I'm currently trying the recorder on a different outlet just to be sure.

    4. Series of brown-outs that confused the recorder: This is honestly what I believe might have been the cause of the problem, if the recorder is just "confused," from minor power spikes, I'm hoping that it won't be too difficult to repair.

    Again, any help narrowing down the problem would be greatly appreciated. If the recorder has become "confused" from power spikes, is there any way to "reset" it kind of how one would reset a computer that's hanging? If the problem is something that can't be "reset," how much should it cost me to take the thing to a JVC authorized service center for repair, and how long should I expect to be without it? I really need this recorder to be working again as quickly as possible. Thanks again for your time and assistance everyone, I greatly appreciate it.

    EDIT: Nevermind this post guys; I figured out the answer to my own question. Apparently unplugging the DR-DX5, leaving it off, and then plugging it back in doesn't work. The "reset" trick is literally a "false brown-out" for lack of a better description. I had this plugged into a different (read: more accessible) surge suppressor when testing the second outlet. JVC's official instructions are "unplug the recorder, plug it back into the AC outlet," so I decided to push the on/off button on my surge protect very quickly effectively pulling the plug on the recorder faster then I could physically do so, worked! Just a few moments ago the recorder came roaring back to life, so I moved it back onto its normal surge suppressor and it appears to be fine now, go figure. I thought waiting before plugging it back in would solve the problem, but apparently it doesn't, the "reset" has to be quick, and the device can't be on the same surge suppressor as other devices if you use this trick. LordSmurf, if this is already in your guide feel free to ignore it, if you don't have it in there though, feel free to add it since physically unplugging the recorder didn't work for me.
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