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  1. OK floppies are getting hard to keep running (they keep dying on me) and drives are worse.

    I make "backup images" of my hard disks. I drive DRIVE IMAGE.

    2 floppies. I modified them so its ONE floppy.

    when I burn a backup image of my hard disk to a CD or DVD I want it to be BOOTABLE so I can just insert the disc into the machine if TSHTF and reinstall right from that disk image.

    so I put the floppy in and instruct nero to make it "bootable" and use my floppy as the source for those files.

    OK well as mentioned floppies are getting annoyingly difficult and when I find my boot floppy is bad I spend an hour going from store to store to find anyone who has pack of floppies to sell.

    SO I want to make an "IMAGE" of the floppy so in nero I can load an image instead of a floppy for the "boot" portion.

    I also use partition magic but its TWO floppies and I can not make it one but I found a boot image of that.

    SO I have 2 CD's they have NO DATA on them. just the "boot" image so one will load DI and the other will load PM

    anyway what I want to do is ISO these CD's so I can make ONE disk with either DI or PM and my "backup" file and burn it.

    I tried handy cd ripper but it does not "see" anything when I put these discs in the drive (neither does windows)

    I want to make a "boot image" iso that I can then "feed" to nero anytime I want to make a bootable CD/DVD for DI and PM.

    suggestions on how to do that? I would prefer to do it from CD not floppy since while I can do the PI disc I can't do the PM disc since its TWO floppies.
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  2. wow forgot about that site. I have been using his site for what seems forever. GOT to be 15 years or more at least !

    alas no info I need (but reminded me to make that USB W7 install disk !!)

    ALSO it hit me. well you know if ANYONE knows how to do this that guy will so I sent him an e-mail. will be sure to report back if successful!
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    You can make disk images from floppy's with Winimage or Ultraiso. both are not free but work very well.

    With Ultraiso you can make iso images and edit them as well. it also includes a virtual cd drive so you can mount images.

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    Nero may be used to make iso from floppy too. Just choose boot floppy as source to make boot CD in Nero, and select the "Image Recorder" for the destination drive in Nero to create the iso that may be burned to CD.
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  5. I've used Winimage for years to do just what you're doing, at one point I was using it so much I bought it. It's shareware, but that means you get a trial period, long enough to create your one bootdisk image.

    There are open source options:

    - Raread is a simple to use command line program.

    - Rawrite2 is also a command line program; it can read and write image files.

    - Here's a GUI version, it's limited to 1.44 floppies.

    All write to .IMG files, just change the extension to .IMA and you're good to go with Nero.
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