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  1. Hi
    I Just installed
    Panasonic TV - TC-L32C22
    DYNEX DVD Player - DX-UPDVD2
    Cable box is Verizon FIOS
    TV, DVD, and Cable Box all have HDMI

    I would like to use one remote only

    Panasonic has a feature called Viera link that is supposed to recognize compatible HDMI devices
    Also, Panasonic remote has features (INPUT and FORMAT) that I will need to use. - FORMAT allows me to adjust the image from widescreed to 4:3
    The Dynex player is basic, and the only special features I intend to use is SUBTITLES
    The Panasonic remote does not seem to recognize the DYNEX dvd player

    Can anyone suggest what I should do to get to a single remote -
    1. Can I use the Panasonic TV remote to work the FIOS cable box?
    2. Can I use the Panasonic TV remote to work the DYNEX dvd player?
    3. Is there a universal remote that will work all three?

    I want to keep the TV. I would return the DYNEX dvd player if necessary. I paid approx $35 for it.

    Any help would be appreciated

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  2. The "vieara link" is just Panasonic's brand name for the HDMI interoperation feature nearly all televisions now have. The actual usefulness of the "link" is debatable: I have disabled it on all my sets because it generally gets in the way. Its fine if you have VERY simple needs, like wanting your disc player, FiOS box and TV to all power on at the same time. But things get tricky after that: the remote and television interact with the devices in unpredictable combinations that often run counter to what you want.

    Its better to get a good separate universal remote with a "learning" function that can copy the the signals from all your other remotes: this way you can choose which button does what in a way thats most convenient for you. Sony used to sell the excellent RM-VL600 remote for about $25, I haven't seen it lately so there may be a newer model. Look for it, or something with similar features like "learning" ability, letting you choose among 6-8 banks (allowing all buttons to cover each box you own), and offering some "combo" buttons that can be programmed to work like the Viera feature (such as turning all your home theater gear on at once, and switching the TV input to your most-used device, at the press of one button). Programming the buttons can take an hour or two, but it pays off in having a custom remote that suits your needs. Some folks even spring for ultra-luxe remotes like the Harmony series, but I think $79-$179 for a remote is overkill when you can get similar features for $30 on a less-fancy-looking knockoff.
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  3. Thanks Orsetto
    You confirmed my concerns that what I think is simple is probably complex. I will take your advice and go for a separate universal remote. I have heard that iphone apps are getting better as universal remotes.
    Do you know anything about these? Is it just another can of worms or do they work?
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  4. I haven't tried the "use your phone as a remote" apps yet, so far I hear good things and bad things. It probably depends on what you need it to do: if it works for you you'll love it, if not you'll post complaints. If you can test drive some phone apps at reasonable cost, its certainly worth a shot: please post back here with your experience.
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  5. DYNEX not compatible

    Returned it and Bought SONY instead - also not compatible

    Sony's system is Bravia Link. Panasonic's is Viera Link
    Tech support at both Sony and Panasonic say that only way to check compatibility is plug in and see what happens.
    Seems that only way to get Link function on a DVD is to spring for more than $200 which is out of price range for what I want.
    Also, Looked into HDMI a bit more - seems that HDMI cable does not carry signal for CAPTIONS on DVD videos which is important feature for me.
    So - I think I am back to 3 remotes - Thx for help anyway.
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