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  1. Is there some workaround in CDRWIN for unsupported drives ?

    /THX Stisse...
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  2. Which CDRW drive do you currently have ?
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    Do what I do:
    1) down load Daemon
    2) mount the cue/bin file
    3) use Nero and do a CD copy on the virtual drive
    4) Don't have to worry about CDRwin not support the drive

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  4. I have a drive that is not supported by CDRWin, too. I used to use Fireburner instead (which works great). Now I use Nero version, and it works perfectly. Although Nero didn't use to burn bin/cue files correctly, the latest versions do. tinmancp's method of mounting to Daemon first and then doing a CD copy is a smart idea, but it's no longer necessary.
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