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  1. Hi everybody

    I started making a couple of video blogs and surprice, people dig it. It encouraged me to
    move a step up from my smart phone, I tried using my digicam, which outputs Mov, it is ok
    but not great.

    My budget is low and I don't have a powerful pc, so I think I need a camcorder with sd quality
    or a hd that has the option to shoot at lower rate. I will use a Zoom H4 to record the audio.
    The vids are going on Youtube and the alikes, maybe later I'll want to make a dvd of them.

    Budget is 4-500$. I think I may want to stretch it a little if I have to.
    I have been reading a lot of reviews. Some of the models I am considering:

    Samsung HTX-H200
    Panasonic SD60
    JVC Everio HD620
    Sony DSC SX30 (used)

    Any thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks a lot.
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  2. Flip is easier to use than any you posted and cheaper.
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