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  1. Hello,

    Looked through the site quite a bit and didn't see an answer. If you have a DVD recorder with a hdd, can you
    write DVD's from the hdd?

    Can they do it in 16:9 wide screen?

    I have an old Magnavox MSR90D6. It has been a decent recorder, but doesn't do wide screen.
    It also doesn't do chapter menus (don't know how common this is)

    I bought a Toshiba DR430KU at best buy and it does do widescreen, but only with -R/RW and can only edit
    in VR mode which is not compatable with any other form of DVD player. It has a terrible manual and their
    tech support was useless. It also had a grainy pix thru the upconverting (?) As a result, it's going back in the next day or two.

    In this area (Prescott, AZ) there is practically no choices in DVD recorders and I am hesitant about buying online
    sight unseen.

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    The only HDD DVD recorders currently made for the US market come from Magnavox, and are only sold online. I don't have one, but there is a thread from an actual owner detailing pretty much everthing you would want to know about them at

    They can record anamorphic widescreen from a 16:9 ATSC or clear QAM source. See

    The video line-in connections provided are composite and S-Video. If recording from one of those connections, it records whatever format it receives, but most STBs only provide letterboxed 4:3 output via their SD analog outputs.

    Recordings on the HDD can be edited and dubbed to DVD in the format that most standard DVD players require.
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