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  1. I downloaded a video that was encoded with the opposite aspect ratio than it should have been so everything is squished. It's a resolution of 352 wide by 480 high. Is there an easy way to resize it to the opposite dimensions or any other proper size?
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  2. You can probably specify the display aspect ratio at the container level. Mpeg4Modifier for Divx/Xvid AVI, Restream for MPG (must demux to M2V, then remux), MMG for MKV, Yamb for MP4.
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    The resolution is half-D1. If the video is mpeg-2 you could author it into a DVD Video and it will playback correctly. If it is an avi file then it has been (badly) encoded from a half-D1 source. You could try the above suggestion of mpeg4modifier, and if that doesn't work, resize it to 352 x 240 and re-encode
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  4. Jagabo, I tried Mpeg4Modifier and it worked great! Thanks!
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