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  1. Hi hello there im new to all this and apolgise if i get anything wrong or im posting in the wrong place etc but my mothers dvd recorder LG RHT387H has had the op codes altered by someone who didnt know what they were doing (trying to make multiregion) and also didnt make a note of them before he messed with them.It is now showing problems.Has anyone got the default/original OP CODES for this machine so that i can put it back to square one and let my old dutch have a working machine again.The op codes can found by turning the machine and tv on and pressing both the eject button on the front of the machine and the clear button on the remote until the codes appear on the tv screen.Any help you can kindly give will be greatfully appreciated.Heres hoping.Regards and thanks.bert123
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    Sorry for taking so long, but here goes; Se attached jpg file for OP CODES on my RH387H.
    Hope this helps.

    Note: Unit is region free
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