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  1. I have a Samsung SCD103 camcorder that broke a few years ago, such that we can still play back but not record. My question is this: I want to know how I can load the videos from several miniDV tapes onto my computer using the camcorder. It has a IEEE 1394 jack on the camcorder. My PC does not have the IEEE 1394 card as suggested in the manual. DO I need to buy the card or can I use a cable with the jack? What kind of cable should I look for and how can I know it will fit my camcorder and work with my Windows XP 2002 computer?

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    firewire 400 card and cable. not much to check other than the number of pins match. cams normally have 4 pins. cards normally have a 6 pin port. so a 4 pin to 6 pin cable in normally used. xp has drivers for firewire. sp3 recommended.
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  3. Thanks! I will try that! The camcorder port does have 4 pins.
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