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  1. Sorry, this is more a hardware question but maybe someone knows these old JVC models well enough....

    I've got hold of a HR-S7500EK S-VHS player but as soon as you put a tape in, it ejects it (the heads spin, and I've got it once to take the tape up, but then put it the tape back and ejected!).

    Anyone know what sort of fault this might be? I've got a service manual (but am not that technically minded).

    Also, anyone know if this unit has a built in TBC??

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    sounds like it's time to bin it.
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    The braking system may be at fault, turn the tape over there's a small hole in the middle of the tape, take a pen or pencil and press down on the cover, this should release the braking system, some times the tape is wound to tight and doing this helps. You may have to do it several times.
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  4. Or just tap the vhs case firmly on a hard surface, might do it, or is it doing it to a variety of vhs tapes?

    its quite a valuable machine these days so it depends if you want to keep it, my guess is a 30-50 pound repair will fix it.
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  5. I don't think it's the tape - the hole mentioned works freely and the VCR does the same with other tapes I've tried.

    I've got the machine to take the tape up once more since my first post (so that's twice now) but once again it didn't play, just moved the tape forward & back a fraction, then ejected.
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