I feel so confused!! The more I read and research, the more confused and ignorant I feel!! I have a bunch of old VHS family tapes which are getting up there is age (maybe 15-20 years for some). I want to edit (cut out unnecessary video, add titles) and burn to DVD so that I can preserve the memories. I have been going in circles here trying to figure out exactly what I need! I have a couple of VCR's (none of which are professional). I have a JVC Hi-Fi HRA590U. Right now the best is probably my Hitachi Hi-Fi stereo UX625. I played some of the video and in many parts there is the fuzzy, distortion on the bottom which can be improved a little with the tracking.In my search, I found that others have purchased/used a VCR with TBC. I am not going into the business of restoring tapes so to buy a professional VCR would most likely be out of my price range. I have found someone selling aToshiba S-VHS hifi Diomage SV771C. He could not tell me if it had a TBC as he didn't know. He says the VCR has been hardly used and is in good shape. I couldn't find any specs on this VCR on line. Does anyone know anything about this recorder? Although all of my tapes are VHS and not super VHS, he informs me that both will play on this VCR.
I was also looking at purchasing the ADV 110 or maybe 300. I have a Sony Camcorder with a pass through.I don't know if buying the ADV is a better choice to get the best quality or to just use the camcorder via the pass through. My main objective is to get the video to my computer in DV-Avi format so that I can edit it and then burn to a DVD. . Looking for feedback and suggestions. Thanks!!

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